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What is the best height to mount TTU 1 & 7 Series units?
54 in. above finished floor.

What size hole is best for TTU's that mount through the window?
3 - 4 inches

If the hole in the glass is larger than 4 inches can I still install a TTU?
Yes, Norcon sells donut kits that take up the additional space on holes over 4 inches.

Can headsets be used with my TTU?
All TTU -1, -3, and -7 series units now come with a headset jack pre-installed.

Do TTU-1 & 7 Series intercoms come with tubing for power cable?
Yes 2 pieces of 11 in. x .375 in. tubing are supplied with the unit. One has a machined end that screws into the TTU, the other has a tapered end that fits into the first piece of tubing. Extra tubing and 90° elbow tubing are available as accessories.

What are some of the applications for the Norcon TTU?
The Norcon TTU is designed to transmit quality audio through a partition, hence many customers refer to the TTU as a barrier intercom. Typical uses include: Cashier's Intercom, Ticket Sales Intercom, Ticket Booth Intercom and Movie Box Office Intercom.

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